Highest quality and durability standards

Developing top-tier residential and office buildings since 1950

Industry expertise and distinct competence were accumulated and refined when the group was involved in numerous mixed-use projects in London and Los Angeles in the 80s. This amplified the knowledge and provided the skill set for our founding fathers and positioned them for success in Beirut's early real estate environment.

Jaber Group Real Estate is intent on ensuring the best value for money on all residential and commercial developments, hence aspiring to offer more than just a luxurious space. By carefully curating project locations to facilitate convenience and ensure ease of mind, the Group aims to offer its Clients a unique lifestyle of the highest standard.

The materials used during construction stand the test of time and act as a testament of our commitment to the highest quality and durability standards. Likewise, the specs that we select adhere to the most modern and worthy caliber of engineering. Our in-house team of architects and contractors allow us to navigate common obstacles and exceed expectations.

Today, 35 buildings stand tall to bare strong testimony of the group’s exceptional work. Nevertheless, it tirelessly maintains its presence on the frontlines of the industry, intercepting and analyzing demographic changes in the local and regional markets.