Brazilia Parc

A luxurious haven of modern living

  • Reception Floor:Potetchino
  • Bedroom Floor: Parquet Ceramic
  • Kitchen Floor:PVC (MDF)
  • Bathrooms: Acrelit High Glass
  • Elevators :Schindler
  • External Cladding :External Navartiti

Brazillia Parc

Luxury redefined: space, silence, security, and a panoramic view of both mountains and the sea in Brazilia, Baabda. Brazilia Parc is made up of two stylishly designed blocks, and each building contains five floors: Block 1 is made up of ten 300 square meter apartments and Block 2 is made up of thirty 220 square meter apartments. Not to mention, the first block includes an impressive “villa” on the ground floor with 300 square meters of indoor space as well as an outdoor pool and terrace. High security 24 hours a day, two allocated parking slots, and a spacious storage room in each apartment make Brazilia Parc a vision of perfection in a calm, green area away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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