Ramleh 1577

The perfect balance between luxury and serenity

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  • Location:Ramlet El Bayda
  • Bedrooms:Wood Flooring
  • Tiling:European Marble
  • Kitchen:Ceramic Marble
  • Door:Veneered Oak
  • Elevators:Schindler
  • Parking:2 per appartment
  • Fitness Area:Yes

Ramleh 1577

The exceptional Ramlet el Bayda coast is dotted with an array of beautiful luxury buildings. The newest and final addition are the two-of-a-kind Ramleh 1577 luxury residential buildings that will stand 12 floors high amid the scenic backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. Specific attention was given to the new and exclusive architectural design of the building in an aim to “redefine” the Ramlet el Bayda home experience. Located close to the highway with a stunning sea-view, Ramleh 1577 will present a new concept of luxury and grandeur in one of Beirut’s most charming areas.

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